November 24, 2023

Unlocking Environmental Intelligence with the Koala Air Monitoring System

The Koala Air monitoring system, developed by QUT, offers an accessible and cost-effective solution for dust and air quality monitoring. This case study delves into the system's capabilities and how it empowers environmental consultants to provide data-driven advice, aligning with our commitment to making environmental sensing simple.

This system addresses a crucial need in the environmental consulting industry: removing cost as a barrier to acquiring environmental intelligence. Consultants can now advise their clients on mitigating air pollution, irrespective of budget constraints. Simultaneously, the system serves as a revenue-generating investment, helping companies avoid fines from regulatory breaches and maintain compliance.

Our objectives were to rigorously assess the Koala system's performance, focusing on its ability to record precise data, transmit it reliably, and operate effectively during extended periods without recharging. Key parameters measured were PM10 and PM2.5, with data plotted over various time intervals to demonstrate internal processing and software integration compatibility.

Subjected to a demanding trial in Queensland's harsh climate, the Koala system was mounted in full sun and exposed to temperatures exceeding 36 degrees Celsius. Despite the extreme conditions, it operated flawlessly, highlighting its robustness. The system was disconnected from the solar panel on the 15th of October to assess battery longevity, maintaining operational status for five days with data transmissions every five minutes. This flexibility allows customisation of the battery capacity and measurement send intervals to suit various environmental monitoring needs.

The Koala Air monitoring system delivers several key benefits. It addresses environmental concerns by providing real-time data on air quality, enabling consultants to advise clients on pollution mitigation proactively. This could improve compliance by allowing companies to make informed decisions and avoid regulatory breaches. The system also enhances decision-making, offering insights based on accurate, continuous monitoring.

The results from the field trial of the Koala show promise in contributing to better environmental intelligence and insights in multiple ways. It enables companies to pause pollutive processes when compliance thresholds are approaching, reducing violations. Additionally, the system aids could be integrated by SigSense with appropriate software for heat mapping and dispersion analysis, allowing the reduction of breaches and minimisation of localised dust concentration. Potential applications SigSense is investigating include comprehensive site analysis with multiple systems across a site to provide data on upwind dust content, as proof of compliance and ensuring your client is not blamed for another firm's malpractice.

We invite environmental consultants to contact SigSense and explore the adoption of the Koala Air Monitoring System. By harnessing this powerful tool, you can revolutionise your approach to environmental consulting, ensuring the well-being of communities, regulatory compliance, and informed decision-making for your clients' industries and projects.

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