November 6, 2023

How To Find Latitude & Longitude Coordinates

When finding coordinates for a location there are many methods of doing so. We will walk through using a mapping software (Google maps will be shown in pictures however all types will have this functionality). If you are able to pinpoint the location on a map you do not need to be in the exact location when finding the coordinates.

If you are a DQP looking to request a coverage assessment we recommend noting the coordinates when conducting an initial site inspection as the precise location of the antenna is needed - in some cases being 100m out makes a significant difference in signal strength.

Below we have three guides on how to find latitude and longitude coordinates for a given site:

  1. Computer mapping tool or website
  2. Mobile Phone mapping tool/app with coverage
  3. Mobile Phone without coverage

Method 1: Computer Mapping Tool or Website with Internet Connection

  1. Navigate to your preferred mapping tool/website. Popular tools include Google Maps and Bing Maps.
  1. Input an address nearby your coordinate site in search bar. This can be the block of land in is on/next to or a nearby street/landmark that you can navigate from. In Figure 1 below, the red cross represents the desired site, so the nearby “Honeyeater Track” is entered in the top left search bar.
how to find latitude and longitude in google maps
Figure 1 - Google Maps Nearby Location/Address
  1. After navigating your mouse to the desired location, right click on the map. This will pull up a menu with these details - the Bing Maps Menu is shown below in Figure 3.
how to find longitude and latitude in google maps
Figure 2 - Google Maps Right Click Menu
  1. Click on the row of the menu containing the coordinates then paste them somewhere for future reference. If you prefer paper then leave the menu up without clicking anywhere and write down the latitude and longitude coordinates.
how to find my latitude and longitude
Figure 3 - Google Maps Copy Coordinates (Left) and Bing Maps Right Click Menu (Right)

Method 2: Mobile Phone with Signal Coverage

The steps involved on a Mobile Phone mapping tool or app are similar, except in most cases you must drop a pin then view its details. This is shown with the Apple Maps app below.

  1. Press and hold your finger on the desired location (shown as black cross) to drop a pin.
how to find latitude and longitude of a place with apple maps
Figure 4 - Apple Maps Drop Pin
  1. Swipe up/scroll down to view additional details of the pin location, which will have the latitude and longitude coordinates as below in Figure 5.
how to find longitude and latitude of a place
Figure 5 - Pin Details and Coordinates
  1. Take a screenshot, press and hold on coordinates then select copy, or write down the latitude and longitude coordinates for later use.

Method 3: Mobile Phone without Signal Coverage

  1. Use the Google Maps App to download the area surrounding the desired location. Additional guidance on this is available at Google Help
  1. Proceed to the location and follow the steps of Mobile Phone Method 1 above.

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