Environmental monitoring solutions for Essential Industries.

Enhance efficiency, reduce risk, demonstrate compliance, and automate reporting with IoT-powered monitoring systems.

Plug and Play: We solve the software and hardware complexity in delivering a remote monitoring solution to your sites.

Testing: We continually source and test new and emerging sensors, gateways and software to ensure our solutions are cutting-edge and reliable.

Approved Solutions: Telemetry for Non-Urban Metering, Flood Plain Harvesting and water storages.

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SigSense provides plug and play environmental monitoring systems that make the complex, simple.


Turn-key environmental monitoring systems for installation at your client's site.

Real-Time Intelligence

Custom dashboards and analytics to meet specific site requirements


Routine reporting to automatically satisfy compliance or contract reporting.


Our team of scientists, developers and hardware technicians are available for phone and email support when you need it.

Turn-key Insights Over Hardware

Unravel the intricacies of remote environmental sensing. We manage sensors, gateways, telemetry, analysis and reporting software to provide a turn-key solution, avoiding the need to troubleshoot any issues with multiple vendors.

SigSense sensor for environmental consultants

Sense, Detect, React

Equip your business with real-time insights. Detect emerging issues and opportunities, and act swiftly.

SigSense sensor for environmental consultants

Specialised Team at Your Service

SigSense has assembled a comprehensive outfit of data scientists, software developers, instrumentation technicians, and environmental scientists. Our unique blend ensures optimal support for continuous remote monitoring.

SigSense Partner installing water level system for environmental monitoring

Innovate with Us

Stay ahead of the curve. As we constantly test new hardware and software possibilities, our partners reap the rewards.

SigSense Partner installing water level system for environmental monitoring

Hassle-free Installation

Get instruments that are pre-configured, user-friendly, and backed with comprehensive support. Although our solutions are designed to allow install by graduate scientist, we offer the added advantage of a growing installer network for complete turn-key sensor installation and maintenance.

What we Monitor.

Our Approach.

SigSense delivery of data systems and insights for Environmental Consultants

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