A Plug and Play Water Storage Monitoring Solution

NSW Government floodplain storage monitoring system (approval pending).

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SigStore - Designed to be flexible

Works on storages of all sizes, with an effective range of 30+ metres.


Pre-configured and tested by SigSense prior to shipping to your installer.

Best network coverage

Transmit data over Telstra’s NB-IoT, the largest IoT cellular network in Australia.

Robust sensor

Unaffected by temperature fluctuations and resistant to dirt and build-up.

Professional installation

Installed and supported by a network of trained installers across NSW.

Integrated datalogger and modem

Powered by the SigSense Captis Datalogger.

Solar powered

Solar and backup battery provided continuous monitoring.

What's Included


Metal lockable cabinet to house components, with bird spikes and provision for tamper seals. The enclosure is heat resistant and IP68 rated.

Radar Sensor

Vegapuls C21 80GHz radar sensor with 5m cable and conduit.

Internal Battery

7.2Ah replaceable lead acid battery.

Telemetry Unit

Captis Multi.

Solar Panel

10W 25 square cm solar panel.


6.5dBi, 11dBi or 13dBi antenna supplied depending on site requirements.

Radar Bracket

1.5m long bracket with fixings to attach radar.

Warranty and support

12 month warranty with phone and email support.

Telstra NBIoT Coverage

SigStore is one of the only authorised solutions on Telstra’s NB-IoT - the country’s largest cellular IoT network.  

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