Low cost rain measurement solution

Supplied pre-configured with telemetry capabilities and cloud integration.

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Designed to be simple

Connected to the cloud so you access your data remotely.


Pre-configured, tested and integrated with eagle.io by SigSense prior to dispatch.

Best network coverage

Transmit data over Telstra’s NB-IoT, the largest IoT cellular network in Australia.

Remote Monitoring & Data Collection

View, export and analyse rainfall data from the cloud.

Local support

SigSense has an experienced Brisbane based support team to assist with troubleshooting and phone support.

Custom IFD Alerts

Set custom IFD alert levels for rain events.

Battery powered

Battery provided continuous monitoring.

What's Included

HyQuest TB7

Tipping bucket rain gauge with 0.2mm resolution. UV stabilised housing to withstand direct sunlight.

Eagle.io Integration

Cloud-based platform to remotely monitor, visualise and process your data.

Internal Battery

Replaceable datalogger battery.

Telemetry Unit

Captis Pulse Lite. Low cost NB-IoT/CATM1 telemetry unit suitable for daily transmission and 5 minute logging interval.

Bird spikes

Integrated bird spikes to reduce maintenance requirements.


Integrated antenna suitable for locations with poor mobile network coverage, with external antenna option for remote installations.

Mounting Bracket

Pole mount bracket with stainless steel bolts.

Local support

Phone and email support.

Telstra NBIoT Coverage

SigSense is one of the only authorised solution providers on Telstra’s NB-IoT - the country’s largest cellular IoT network.  

Coverage as of 28 April 2022.

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